Luwak or Lubak is Civet in Balinese language. Luwak in Indonesia coffee plantation has been a phenomenal , which known as the best coffee bean ever. Her astonishing sense of making everyone crazy about is on the fermentation process that occurs in her bowel. Luwak only picks one of the best coffee bean. Luwak which is known as mongoose, not only eats the red colored coffee beans, but also able to choose the best ones through her sharp sense of smell. The fermentation process in the bowel of mongoose is able to produce coffee with very low caffeine level. It is much different from regular coffee beans. Henceforth, drinking the luwak coffee won’t make people problem in sleeping difficulty.

There are some outstanding advantages of luwak coffee beans, as following:

1. Luwak coffee beans are picked from the best of the best coffee beans.

2. The fermentation process within the digestion of mongoose can produce very caffeine level.

3. Fermentation coffee beans produce outstanding coffee taste. Nothing is equal to its delicious thrill.

4. The quality of luwak coffee beans is equal to regular coffee beans those are fermented for 5-8 years.

5. The delicious taste and aroma of luwak coffee beans show that Luwak Coffee is pure coffee

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